Taylor Made Beef™

      Utah State Certified Organic grass fed beef. 

Let me introduce you to Ferdinand our Certified Black Angus bull and last years calves.

Our cattle live on grass pasture all year and are fed organic hay in the winter when the snow is on the ground. We have steers ready and available most of the year. On occasion we have gaps in our production where beef isn't available for a few weeks. Slaughter day is Wednesday and we need one week notice so the butcher can schedule our beef in. Because our beef is certified organic it is slaughtered separate from other beef and the butcher must clean the plant an process it separate from the conventional beef.

A side will usually yield approximately 25% steaks 25% roasts 25% grind  25% bone, fat, & shrinkage. As you know it varies depending on how you have it cut, bone in / bone out.

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Are you wondering  which cuts come from where ? Click here for a chart  that explains where each cut comes from and the best way to cook it.

Lots of useful beef  information can be found in this USDA  article, FOCUS ON: BEEF . . . from Farm to Table http://www.fsis.usda.gov/Fact_Sheets/Beef_from_Farm_to_Table/index.asp

If you would like certified organic beef cut, wrapped and delivered to you, please contact us.

We also have  free range certified organic pork. Click here for a chart of the pork cuts on a hog.

Click here if you want to see a video of a sow and her piglets (2.7 mb). Turn up the audio and you can hear them grunt.

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